Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!
I know I've been slack, but it's been a rough last few  months.  I lost my mother back in October, and it's been hard to deal with, especially since it was so close to the holidays, and her birthday coming during Christmas was just a hard time.  Helping Daddy out as much as we can during this time as well.
I hope to get back into the swing of things soon... God bless all of you, and I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, November 27, 2017


Gary woke up in what looked like a old warehouse.  Tied to a chair, gagged, he looked around in a panic.  Where was he?  Why was he here... he was heading to eat for Thanksgiving... 
Strange noises seemed to come from the vents in the room... was.. was that a woman moaning?
A woman walks in the room, smiling at him.  The vinyl nurses uniform fits every curve...
"Happy Thanksgiving!" she says.
As she gets closer, she giggles and takes out a syringe... and pushes it into his neck... he screams a muffled scream and everything goes dark...
Gary hears a humming noise... and finds himself inside of some kind of machine... covering  him in an eerie light, his body feels so strange... his chest wobbles... he feels weak.. small... his hand wanders down to his crotch.. and find a slit... no cock and balls... he moans and passes out.

Gary wakes up, time has passed but he has no idea how much... he's on his back.. his body feels strange... there's something in his crotch area... he manages to look up between two large mounds on his chest, and sees a funnel going to his... his pussy?
He tries to yell and scream, but he's got a long gag in his mouth... it's leaking a salty substance... the taste makes his body convulse in pleasure...
Gary tries to move... release himself... but he can't... he hears someone moving around... carrying what looked like a bucket...
"Hello girls... Oh look, we have a newcomer!  Welcome to what could be your lucky day, girl!  You may get pregnant the first time!  Won't that be wonderful?" the man laughs, and proceeds to pour the contents into the first girls pussy...
"A nice mix of freshly pulled semen from our volunteers... should knock you girls right up!  Here we go.. bottoms up!" he laughs...
Gary watches the first girls struggle as she frantically tries to move and get away, but to no luck...
"There we go... one down, two to go!  Oh here's your first time, newbie... You'll love this feeling of fresh male seed pouring into your new vagina.." he says as he tilts the bucket...
Gary moans and squeals as the fresh, warm cum pours into his waiting uterus...
"Let's add some more, just to be on the safe side..." the man laughs as Gary struggles and passes out just as his mouth gag spurts a huge amount of salty liquid into his mouth...

Gary wakes up laying in bed... groggy and feeling sick.. he stands up... he again notices his body changes... large breasts hanging down...
He looks down at his body and see's the impossible... he watches in horror as his stomach and breasts swell out...
"Oh honey don't worry, it's normal for you... you've been impregnated... your body is set to grow a child quickly, you'll be 8 and a half months along in 3 minutes... saves lots of time for us..." a voice says over the speaker system in the room.  "Soon you'll have your child, we'll sell it, and the process starts all over again!  But first... we have to get you addicted..."
"Addicted to.. to what.. " Gary says and passes out again.
It had been 2 weeks of unending pleasure for Gary...  Various men visiting every hour or so, they'd fuck him\her silly day after day, hour after hour... their cocks pumping deep into his\her pussy...
Gary cries out in pleasure as the man fucked his... her pussy, another orgasm washing over her, one of countless orgasms she'd had over the last 2 weeks.  Her pussy spasmed in pleasure, milking this cock, and the countless others that had used her. 
Holding her baby bump, she felt the baby kick... her nipples letting down a bit of milk as the man grunted...
The man quickly sped up, causing Gary to cry out as she felt the cock throb, then swell, and erupt inside her, filling her pussy with jizz.  Her body quaked violently as she orgasmed...
She had come to love feeling cocks fill her... she needed it now...
1 Year Later
Greta stood waiting for her Master to show up... she was always expected to have her titties (he did not allow her to call them anything else but titties, just like her va...vag.. baby slit was only called her baby slit when she was preggers, and it was called her cunny when she was being knocked up.
Her nipples always leaked while pregnant (she was on her 8th baby, all boys) when the time that Master was to come home came close... her excitement grew as the time got closer.  All she could think about was his cock!
She usually didn't wear anything for his arrival time, but today was his special, so she wore his favorite mini-dress, obviously with her titties hanging out.
Hearing the door open, she smiled as he walked up to her, not saying anything, taking off his suit as he got closer.
"Lovely looking whore... now strip..." he said to her.  She immediately took off her dress and bent over for him, spreading her legs, lifting her ass up for him.
He pushed his cock deep into her dripping baby slit (she was ALWAYS wet), and started fucking her.  Greta moand and squealed in unending pleasure, as his huge, thick cock filled her obscenely.  Moaning and crying out in pleasure, Greta's huge titties swayed beneath her, her milk almost streaming from her thick nipples.  Her baby slit milked Master's cock expertly, bringing him quickly to orgasm.
Greta screamed in pleasure (just as she was programmed to every time a man came inside her) as his cock filled her baby slit...
She quickly turns around and grabs his cock, sucking it into her mouth, and cleans his cock for him.  Picking up a small dildo, she plugs her baby slit to prevent it from dripping, then wobbles to the kitchen...
Thanksgiving dinner is ready for Master and his guests...
She giggles as she thinks about having two in the oven...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Followers... Come on Ya'll!!

Come on guys!  I had over 2300 page views yesterday... 2300!  And I only have 49 followers?  I feel like I'm underappreciated here..
I want all of you to come read my stories, I want all of you to CUM, hard, every time.  It makes me tingle all over thinking of all the pleasure I'm giving to you all out there... You.  You in Georgia... I love knowing that your cock explodes and makes you moan reading my stories while you're at work, hiding in the bathroom... I just wish I was there to drink your cum, kneeling on the bathroom floor in front of you.  You in Florida... knowing your dildo makes you squirt as you read my stories, while you lay in bed after a hard day at work, gets me wet... and I wish I was there to lick you clean... You in Philly... yes, you.  You love sitting on that dildo and stroking your cock reading these... I love it... wear those panties... cum in them... dream about being a woman... it's ok... Really.  I'd sit there in my nightie and watch you as I play with my pussy... and Master fucks me from behind...
Look.  I understand why a lot of you don't follow, you just kinda surf around and save this blog in Favorites or something like that... and ok, I get it... following means that there's a trail from whatever you're logged in as.  You accidently log in and leave it logged in and you're caught...
I understand completely.  That's why you create a secondary Gmail account.  Never use your main one (unless you're single, no significant other, etc... some people don't understand these types of fantasies).  You only use your second account when necessary.
Such as following me.   Giggle.
So please, please follow little Kayla here... It inspires me to write!  Comments help of course, so please, everyone comment!  Remember, you can comment anonymously!  If I don't know when you want something, then it will never get written, will it?
I want you all begging me for more!  Just like the girl below... begging for a cock...
Imagine she's you... transformed... whole body tingles with need... feel your big boobs darling... touch yourself... lower yourself onto your man below...  Moan as you're filled for the first time... wishing another man would slide his cock into your waiting mouth...
Follow me and become her... in your mind.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


"Suck on it good... that's it... do a good job and I promise to change you back, Danni..."  Fred said to the beautiful woman sucking on his cock...
Looking at her you'd think she was loving what she was doing... but a half hour before this she was a he, Dan Freemont, door to door salesman.  As he, now a she, lovingly sucked on Fred's cock, Dan was screaming in her mind to stop...
"Damn girl you're a natural at this... I've never seen a changeling love sucking dick so much... are you sure you aren't gay?" Fred laughs, knowing full well that the change forces them to give in to their feminine desires.
Danni moans around the cock in her mouth... her body feeling so hot... needing... needing something....
"Mmmphhh h p..please Mr.... Please fuck me... my... I'm.. feeling so empty..." Danni whines, a trickle of pre-cum on her lips as she lovingly strokes Fred's cock, not once taking her eyes off of it.
"Are you sure Danni?  If I cum in you, you'll be stuck like this for 2 weeks..."
Fred knows it's 2 weeks, but doesn't say that Danni's urges will just get worse... and she'll keep fucking until it's permanent.
"P... please I need it so bad... just... just once... just don't cum in me..." she moans... eyes pleading...
"I make no promises..." Fred says... rolling her onto her back... he lifts her legs..

Slowly but steadily he enters her... she cries out in pleasure as his long, thick shaft fills her completely....
"Oh my God.. it... it feels so goooooddd....." she moans, his cock feeling like it's splitting her open.
Fred smiles down at the former man... he quickens his pace, causing her to squeal and moan in pleasure as her body writhes on the end of his cock.

He goes deeper into her... setting off wave after wave of pleasure inside her body...
"Oh OH OH... it's too much... too much pleasure!  It... it... it's so good!  Wait.. what.. what's happening... something.. OH GOD WHAT.. WHATS HAPPENING!!!  AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Danni screams as her first orgasm as a woman crashes over her, followed quickly by two more.

Danni cries in pleasure as Fred continues fucking her deeper and deeper... hitting her womb at each stroke...
"Look at you, Danni... you like this don't you..."
Danni moans... nods...
"You like having a cock inside you, fucking your pussy... tell me, or I'll stop..."
"MMmmm yes... yes I do.. it feels so good..." Danni whimpers.

"I've decided, little one... decided to make you my little fucktoy... at least for two weeks... " he laughs...
"NO PLEASE!!  Please don't make me... make me love this so much... OH GOD!!!" she cries out, cumming again and again...
Danni struggles as Fred's pace quickens... tries to get our from under him... Danni's too weak now... orgasms powerful as her pussy clamps down on his cock...

In one last effort, Danni tries to pull him off, only to feel his cock explode inside her... sinking deep into her pussy, each hot shot of cum filling her pussy... she feels her body tingle strongly... and whimpers... she's stuck...
Fred groans as his cock pumps more semen into Danni's womb... he genetically altered himself years ago, to be sure that he produced huge amounts of semen when he came inside women.
He wanted to be sure they were locked into their forms for two weeks... sometimes, if they were able to resist for 2 weeks, his load had been so potent that they didn't change back.  Their bodies stayed female for several days after, usually until they gave in thinking that they would never change back anyway, so why resist their urges any more.
If they had only held out for 1 more week, they would have changed back into their normal selves...
Oh well.
A full 3 minutes later, Fred's cock stopped cumming.. groaning he lifts himself up and falls to the side...
"No no no please no..." Danni whines as she rolls onto her knees... squats, and tries to push out the cum...
Fred watches, amused at her efforts... as more and more of his seed flows out of her...
Danni looks at Fred... whimpers... as the last bit of cum flows from her pussy...
"I'll take care of you for your time here, don't you worry.  And I won't fuck you unless you ask me.  I promise.  All you have to do is have the willpower to hold out, and you'll be fine." Fred smiles.. knowing that 9 times out of 10 they won't be able to resist for long.
Danni nods... and shivers... her pussy tingles... feeling so empty already... she glances at Fred's cock and moans, and licks her lips.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Do Anything

Jessie Williams had been a father of two daughters, divorced... never saw his kids any more as they had moved away with their bitch of a mother.  His life had spiraled downward ever since.  A life of gambling and strip clubs was all he had left. 
He managed to make enough money to not work, but was tired of it all.  He wasn't that old... but felt old.  He spend his money on hotels, strippers, and hookers for the most part...
Then he met Monica.  Monica was different... she danced at his favorite club every Friday and Saturday night, so that's when he was there. 
They would talk for hours, and Jessie actually found himself liking her more and more each time, as friends. 
Monica to felt the same.. felt a closeness to Jessie she had never felt before with other customers whose money she was after.  Jessie always treated her with respect and kindness, and never once ever tried to sleep with her. 
She also saw a great sadness, a loneliness that filled Jessie... her friend. 
After 2 months of chatting and getting closer to each other, Jessie found himself falling in love with Monica... Monica felt the same... but there was only one problem.
"I'm not into guys, Jessie.  Never have been.  I'm so sorry, I love you too.. but I'm just not attracted to you..."
"If only there was some way we could be together, Monica, I'd do anything to be with you.  I haven't felt this alive in years...."
"Maybe... maybe there is a way... Jessie, you'll do anything?"
Jessie squealed in pleasure as the man pushed her onto all fours, and slid his cock into her always lubricated boi-pussy.  Her clitty was always hard and dripping when men took her... better than she had ever felt.
Jessie's head was shoved down to the bed... the man grabbed her arm and she moans... she loves rough sex like this... a man taking her... filling her with their cocks... then pumping deep into her.  She had lost count of how many cocks she had sucked, and didn't care.  They all tasted so good!  And the cum!  She could almost live off of their cum, she swallowed so much.
Jessie moaned loudly as her clitty throbbed and squirted her ladyboi cream onto the sheets... it always felt so good each time she came... she discovered she could cum many times... as many times as she wanted.  Which was a lot.
She didn't understand how they had changed her from a 6 ft. 3 in. man, into a 5 ft. ladyboi in just a month, but she didn't care now.  She loved draining men of their cum, and they paid her well.  She made more now than she ever had as a man.  And she was doing what she loved!!
Fucking and sucking men!
The man (she didn't care about names) rolled her onto her back, and started pumping into her again... she could tell he was getting close to cumming.. she used her boi-pussy to milk him of his seed.. squeezing and using her muscles to do so.
That was all he needed as he grunted loudly, and pumped his thick cum deep into her, causing her to scream in delight, setting off another orgasm in her, her clitty shooting up onto her stomach.

The man shoved his cock into Jessie's mouth, and she moans, cleaning it of their juices.
"Thanks doll, see you next week..." he says as he dresses, and walks out.
Jessie squirms on the bed... her clitty still leaking some... as her hands slowly move to her stomach and she scoops up the cum, and then licks her hands clean.
Hopping up from the bed, she quickly cleans up and changes the top sheet.  Won't be long before her next customer comes in, then she can go home to Monica!
Monica watched the latest video from the brothel.  It showed Jessie crying out with joy as her customer came inside her for the 2nd time.
"I told you she'd do anything for me..." she said, smiling.
"To willingly do this to yourself, he.. well, she must really love you..." the man said.
Monica smiles.  She didn't tell the man that she loved Jessie too, even more now that she was a mix of both worlds... their sex life was wondrous.... even if Jessie had cravings that had to be taken care of by whoring herself, she always came home to Monica. 
Monica didn't mind it one bit.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Revenge on Your Boss

The man walks into the bedroom, decorated like a little girls room, and finds a tiny Asian girl wearing a pink outfit, sitting on the bed looking at a women's porno magazine.  She looks up at him, and smiles.
"Hello, I'm your new Daddy.  What's your name?"
"Hi Daddy!  Lei Me Soon is my name!" she says, kneeling on the bed.  The movement causes her tiny panties to slide to the side, allowing her clitty cock to show.
"Pretty name, and what are you Lei Me?"
"I'm a silly sissy slut, Daddy!" she giggles, gets on all fours and wiggles her ass, her clitty cock already hard.
"Yes you are.  Good girl.  What were you before?"
"I was Daddy's boss at the place we worked... but I was bad, and Daddy fixed me!  Daddy should know all this..." she says, looking confused.
"Oh I know it all, Lei Me.  I'm making sure that the old you is still in your sissy filled mind..."
"Oh, ummm, ok!" she squeaks.. her clitty cock dripping, her eyes wandering down to her Daddy's crotch.
"Is my little silly sissy slut ready for Daddy's cock?"
"OOOOHH please Daddy please!!!"
"Now, lay on your back Lei Me... that's it... spread those legs for Daddy..." Daddy says.
As she lays back, her expression on her face changes...  "Please... please don't do this... I don't wanna be this way..." Lei Me moans, her original personality coming through just as Daddy's cock starts pushing into her pussy.
"Oh, hello Jack.  Glad you're in there... just to let you know, every time I fuck you you'll be able to speak... only to beg for release... isn't that fun for you Jack?"
"Please no... help me... my I... I..."
"They think you're dead, Jack... you've been missing for 2 months now."
"Oh no... you can't do this to me... can't do... can't... need... Lei Me want Daddy's cock!!!"
Lei Me's Daddy looks down at his new pet... his cock filling her pussy perfectly, and she squirms on the end of it... her clit is already leaking cum onto her stomach... he feels her pussy suddenly spasm... milking his cock... almost pulling him into her...  He can't help but moan as her body does what it was made to do... pleasure men... her clitty bouncing as Daddy' thrusts deep into her.
"Yeah, Lei Me, you like a big cock don't you honey... a big cock fucking you deep... you love Daddy's cock don't you?"
Lei Me moans and mewls in pleasure, nodding her head as her clitty throbs, leaking constantly.
"Oh Daddy fuck Lei Me!! FUCK!!!!" the girl that was once Jack screams as she is roughly rolled onto her side... her Daddy starts pumping deeply into her pussy and she cries out... pulls on her own nipples and screams as her clitty explodes into the air, wetting her clothing and bedding as it continues to pour out of her.
Daddy rips off her soiled clothing and lays back...  Lei Me's clitty already hard again, she grabs Daddy's cock and lowers herself down onto it...
"Time to make Daddy cum, baby... ride Daddy till he explodes in your tight ass pussy..."
Whimpering and moaning, Lei Me sinks down onto his cock and moans in her girlish voice, her clitty twitching.  Any time a cock was at her sissy hole, Jack's mind took over, but would only be conscious of what was happening.
"Please don't... I don't want to do this...  OOOH DADDY MAKE LEI ME'S CLIT SO HARD!!!"
Daddy smiles as Lei Me starts riding him...


Monday, November 6, 2017

Trapped T-Girl

Brad's car had broken down in a desert area in Texas.  He had to start walking after several hours of no sign of any other people.. finally after 4 hours of walking, a Mercedes pulled up to him.
"Looks like you could use a lift, there... names Luke, I work at a lab just down the road here... we'll get you some water and food, and get someone to take care of your car... the Toyota back there a bit, right?"
"Yes that's right.  I'm Brad, thanks for the help, I'm starving!" Brad says, and gets into the passenger side.
"Man this place is far out here, isn't it?" Brad says after the 40 minute drive.
We do some government contracts, so have to be very secure.  There are very few people that know it's out here, mainly because not many people drive out this far."  Luke said, smiling.
Walking into the building, Brad follows Luke into an office.
"Let me get you that food and drink, be right back." Luke says with a smile.
5 minutes later Luke returns with a sandwich and ice water.  Brad quickly eats the sandwich and drinks the water down...
"I didn't realize how hungry I was... that was good, thanks..." Brad says.  Luke sits there quietly, then looks at his watch.
"What.. what's wr.. wrong... " Brad says, and passes out.
A towtruck pulls an abandoned Toyota Celica from the road, keys in it, and the remains of clothing nearby were removed by the Highway Patrol... it appeared that the driver had broken down and been attacked by wolves after wandering off... the body was never recovered.
Luke watched as Brad's body transformed... breasts developing, hips and ass expanding... oh those so kissable plump lips... soon Luke's dream of having a shemale fucktoy would come true.  As he watched, he saw Brad's body shake and quiver in pleasure as he was forced to have orgasm after orgasm.  Soon his body would be rid of all the testosterone in his body.
Luke told Brad the truth, just not the whole truth...  He did work for the government... but he also used their facilities for his own perverted needs.  They usually turned a blind eye to his experiments, since he usually gave them some of the most effective results in bio manipulation. 
He had discovered a way to alter ones DNA and cells to match those of another person, temporarily.  It usually lasted around 4 months if not given a booster shot, a year if booster was given.  It had allowed spies to infiltrate governments, business's, drug cartels... Transform an agent and they would have free reign.
Luke however wanted something... special.  He liked to force individuals into various shapes... men into varying female forms... and then make them crave sex with men, even though their mentality was still heterosexually oriented.  Sometimes he would leave their cock in place, making it extremely sensitive.  Along with super sensitive boi pussies...
Luke smiles at his latest project... the hormones and other treatments were coming along.  Feminine characteristics were already quickly showing up... Brad struggled every day with the changes... from his mostly limp clitty cock that drooled out his white cum, from the but plug locked in his ass, that would vibrate randomly.  It felt so good, his ass would clench and what felt like milk the plug on it's own.
His lips had swelled up as well, and he would lick them without thinking about what he was thinking of doing.
Brad's voice cracked and changed, just as his body shrunk and expanded in all the right places...
At night as he slept, Brad's ass would tremble as it gripped the plug tightly...
Brad squealed and moaned in his high pitched voice, his new plump lips curled up as he did so.  They never did really close.  He could close his mouth if he thought about it, but if he was distracted, his mouth would open into a perfect 'O'.  His new tongue piercing made him talk funny, but Daddy seemed to like it when he sucked his big cock.
The taste of Daddy's cock overwhelmed Brad, his own clitty cock leaking more and more... what was happening to him?
Just as Brad thought this, Daddy's cock exploded into his mouth, filling it will semen.  Brad's body shook violently as his body convulsed in orgasm, filling his panties with his thick cream as he squealed loudly around Daddy's shaft...
Luke watches the changes as Brad is fucked like a woman.  Brad only is allowed to wear lingerie at this point, and is always expected to wear heels.  Luke looks down as Brad's eyes close in unwanted pleasure, Brad's own cock hard and throbbing at this point, but shrinking slowly, day by day.  It swells slightly as Brad cries out, and his cock pulses, squirting out his she-cream onto his stomach.
Luke pulls Brad to  his knees, causing Brad's heels to fall off... pushes him down face first, and pushes his cock into his boi-pussy quickly.
Brad's tits ground down on the rough sheets as Daddy's cock pounded into his boi pussy, causing him to cum anally several times.  His nipples were huge, the size found on baby bottles, each one with silver rings piercing them.  Wet spots had formed beneath them, where his tits were touching the sheets.  Daddy told him he was going to be Daddy's newest sissy cow, being able to milk his boi udders daily as soon as his udders filled with milk.
Brad's eyes rolled back as Daddy's cock pumped so deep into him, his ass bouncing and jiggling as Daddy's huge cock plowed into him, Daddy's huge balls slapping into Brad's sissy clit over and over again. 
Brad... now thinking of himself in the female tense, screamed as her clitty spasmed and squirted what felt like a pint of she-cream onto the sheets... her boi pussy also spasming around Daddy's cock, milking it.
"OH DADDY!!!  PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING ME!!!" Brad screamed in his bimbo voice, now known as Breanne, to his Daddy of 3 months.

Breanne cried out in joy as her clitty again released a huge amount of now clear she-cream as she felt Daddy's cock swell inside her.  Hating what she had become, Breanne couldn't stop herself from giving into any Daddy's desires...


2 Months Later

Breanne's clitty had shrunk down considerably, along with her tiny balls, just as the rest of her had taken on more curves... since no male hormones were being produced by her body any longer, she had become even more feminine, especially when she orgasmed... instead of bursts of she-cream, her orgasms produced a flood of clear cream that just steadily flowed from her clitty cock.  And now she craved male semen, becoming addicted to the need to have testosterone in her body, and her cravings could be satisfied with either her swallowing semen, or having her boi pussy filled with semen.

She usually didn't even have to stroke her clitty, it would flow as soon as Daddy started pumping into her... it just felt so good to touch her clitty that should couldn't stop herself!

 Luke smiled as he watched his fucktoy lose control and cum again and again...
  This one was a keeper for sure... until he got tired of her and sold her overseas.  There was always a person out there that loved taking feminized males as toys to use.


Cheaters Remorse

"Look at yourself, LOOK!"  Jason yells as Patrick, now Patricia, cums again as Jason's cock pumps into her drooling pussy.  His strong hands hold the mewling girl in place, his hand around her thoat and the other holding her down by her back... causing her to raise her ass high for him.  Her pussy clamps down on his thrusting cock, milking it as if she were born with a pussy.
Her entire body quivers as it shrinks further down.  Her small breasts expand out a little more with each orgasm... nipples lengthen... she doesn't know how big they'll get, she just knows each time she cums, they tingle and grow.
"You'll NEVER be a male again... not that you were ever a MAN in the first place!  You were nothing but a sissy cheating slut, weren't you?  Cheating on my sister... she almost died because of you!  You're not worth her killing herself!"
Patricia squeals and moans as she feels another orgasm approaching... her entire body tingles in pleasure... then shrinks again... becoming smaller and smaller, just as her ass and tits grow larger.
"She'll forget you... just as everyone that knew you will forget... all they'll ever know is that you've been a whore since you were 15... all your male memories will be gone. but you'll ALWAYS remember what you once were!  You'll remember all the cocks you've sucked, all the cocks that have fucked your ass, your pussy, all those memories will be fresh in your mind... The taste of semen as each one explodes in your mouth you'll always remember... your history has forever changed, Patricia..."
"You're nothing but a slut now, a nympho slut that craves cock every single day... my sister will know you as someone that she tried to help... but now sends friends that need a fuck to your door for a bit of fun, to help your cravings, and to help them out.  She'll forget all the pain you caused... and will find the love of her life... You on the other hand, will live to fuck others for the rest of your life.."
Jason grunts and explodes inside Patricia's pussy, causing her to cum one last time... the rest of her memories fading... her body, all of 5' tall, huge tits and ass, small waist, locks into shape, permanently... her intelligence dwindles down until she's nothing but a cock craving bimbo who knows she used to be a man, and is being punished...
"Welcome you your new life, Patricia..." Jason smiles, and pushes her down onto the bed... the new girl writhes on the bed, her hands at her pussy masturbating, and licking the fresh cum off of her fingers.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Josie and the Pussy

"Missy, please... please don't do this..."
"Do what?  MAKE you stroke those cocks?  I'm not doing anything to you... you're doing it to yourself... just stop touching them and I'll change you back into your normal form..." Missy says to her husband, Josh, his body writhing in pleasure.
"Please... Missy... I... I can't stop myself..." Josh whimpers in his rapidly feminizing voice. "I need... help...." Josh says as he starts to rub his face against two of the cocks, and moans.  His once balding head sprouting pink, then blonde hair as it rapidly lengthened and thickened, a shear top and stockings forming from his shorts and t-shirt...
"No, I think you can handle all four of them, sweety... don't you?  All four cocks, their pre-cum is already on your face..." Missy giggles, watching as her former husband's hips widen, his ass bubbles out behind him along with a pair of small breasts forming.
Josh looks startled for a moment... then closes his eyes and moans.  His once long cock shrinking rabidly between his legs.
"I.. oh no... please... I love these cocks...they feel SO GOOD TOUCHING ME!" Josh squeals as his.. her hands start caressing them... her face rubbing them in shear pleasure... Josh moans as she starts to kiss and caress each one...... her mouth wrapping around the closest one to her lips...  just as her lips plump up.  A nose ring appears, as well as a piercing in each nipple, and her lip.
Sucking voraciously on the cock, he starts stroking another with both hands.... looking up at his wife with pleading eyes.... she laughs at him.  Josie's eyes widen as she feels her balls flatten and then form her new pussy lips, her cock position itself as her new clit, and her reproductive organs develop inside her body.
"What's wrong honey, confused?" Missy laughs... "I know darling... I just got bored... I needed a little fun in my life, and well, you're it.  You see Josh... no... not Josh... Josie!  That's a better name... Josie, I've been a witch for many, many centuries, and well, when I get bored of my relationships, or time has passed and it's time to move on, I turn that person into something that better suits them in a new life, kind of a reward... sometimes a king, queen, baby, most of the time something noble.  However, in your case, a nymphomaniac teenaged hooker."
Josie moans around the cock in her mouth as the other two slap her face...
"You should have cleared your internet browsing... I read those stories you found... all of those stories, web sites... well, it angered me dear... so much so that I decided that it was time to end this part of my life and move onto the next.  So that meant doing something with you.  Normally this happens in another 50 years or so.. but you... you hurt me.  So it's time to for me to begin again!"
Fear crosses Josie's eyes as she sucks the cock... she feels her pussy clench and spasm... needing to be filled... along with her ass opening and closing in need... hunger...
One of the men pulls her up, turns her around... he sits on the couch, pulling her down... his cock goes into her ass as she sits... moans loudly, then turns her head... another cock is shoved into her  mouth and she quickly sucks on it.... the cock pumping deep into her ass causing her to squeal and moan around the other cock filling her mouth...
"See Josie?  I can tell you like this... your ass is milking that dick in you..." Missy laughs...

The man Josie's sucking on backs off for a moment... and Josie gasps for breath as the man beneath her's cock penetrates deeper... her legs spread wide... pussy pulsing...
"I think you're ready for another cock, Josie..." Missy smiles directing one of the men.
"No Missy please... I don't..."
"YES JOSIE, you obviously DO!" Missy interrupts... "Your little pussy is DROOLING!  I've never seen a pussy more ready for cock than yours! And look at your ass... it's so lubricated by your own juices, I bet another cock will fit... Gentlemen, please fill her properly..."
"No please!  Not... OOOhhh no.. it's too.. too much... so much cock... Uhhhhhhh!!"  Josie looks down between her legs and moans... the man slips his cock slowly into her... she watches as it goes balls deep inside her, just like the other one in her ass... her pussy visibly pulses and again drools down her crotch, her juices covering both cocks in her ass...
Reaching between her legs.. .she tries to stop them... but the man beneath her moves his hand to her pussy, and starts rubbing her clit...
"No.. feels... too good... stop.... Oh MY GOD!!  UUHHHHHHhhhhhhh" Josie screams as she orgasms...
A third man moves into position... and slides his thick cock into her pussy.
Josie whimpers and mewls, her ass and pussy filled with cock... men covering her... their cocks pumping deep into her causing her to cry out in pleasure... another cock slaps against her lips... all she can do is lick and try to suck on it...
Josie manages to clamp onto the cock with her lips, sucking hungrily.  Missy smiles at her husband as he loses himself to his new form... the four cocks filling her completely in all of her holes...
Josie's screams are muffled by cock as she thrashes around for 15 minutes, their cocks filling her... orgasm after orgasm crashing over her body... one not ending before another begins...
"I think you've had to many cocks, selfish girl..." Missy says pulling one of the men over to her.  "Lick my pussy, please..." she says to the man.
"My pleasure, Miss.." he says, and proceeds to pleasure Missy with his tongue.
Missy looks over and see's that Josie's now getting taken from behind... a cock in her pussy and ass, and her mouth lapping at a third.
Missy moans as she orgasms, watching her former husband get taken by real men.  Josie's body trembles as she cums again, and again from the men fucking her.
She sucks harder on the man, mewling and squealing in pleasure as her body quakes in orgasm, and he moans... her lips lock around his shaft and stroke it... and he explodes in her mouth... sending the slut into more orgasms.
Josie swallows quickly, the mans cum leaking from the corners of her mouth as he pumps load after hot load of semen into her hungry mouth.  Josie relishes the taste of the cum in her mouth, completely addicted to the taste now... her body hungry for more.
Just as she cleans the man's cock, the man in her pussy thrusts deep into her and she feels his cock throbbing, swelling... his heavy balls slap her clit harder, and then explodes inside her pussy, causing her to scream...
"OOOOHHH YESSSSSSSSSS AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she cries out as her body is wracked with pleasure as he fills her to overflowing with his seed...
The man almost falls back... exhausted... and sits on the floor as the man in her ass continues to fuck her.

Missy watches as Josie squirms in pleasure, her pussy dripping the mans semen onto the couch.. globs of thick sperm drooling out of her spasming pussy.
"See Josie, I knew you could handle them.  I bet you could handle more, couldn't you dear?"
"Please... please Misss...Misss... Mistress... I don't... don't.. OOOOHhhhhh help me...." Josie moans... her mouth opening as small orgasm washes over her... her body shaking and quivering... "Please... no... no..." she squeals, her ass filled with the mans cock...
Missy watches transfixed as her husbands pussy visibly quivers and throbs, and juice drools out, dripping onto the sheets... Josie's eyes are closed, collapsed forward, her ass in the air.  The man fucking her speeds his thrusts up, his cock throbbing inside Josie.  With one final thrust, he erupts inside her ass, his hot cum filling her completely, oozing out around his shaft.
Gasping for breathe and mewling softly, she see's her husbands mouth open, her body quaking, as her pussy squirts onto the floor as his cock empties itself into her ass.
Josie whimpers as the man crawls off of her, leaving her spent... pussy pulsing... body trembling.
"Please Mistress... I need help.... to get more...."
Missy smiles.  She should have done this years ago....