Me Servicing Two Cocks

Me Servicing Two Cocks
My True Calling

Thursday, May 24, 2018


"Good morning Kelli!  How'd you sleep last night?" the man laughed.
Keller Johnson sat up confused... he was in a white room on a bed, wearing strange clothing.
"I guess I slept... wait.. what's wrong with my voice Daddy?  Wait!  Why did I call you Daddy?  And why are you calling me Kelli!"
"Because, Kelli, you're my little Sissy Princess... and that is your name now." the man said.
Kelli couldn't help but smile at being called Sissy Princess, even though she didn't know why. 
Why did her butt feel so soft when she sat on it?
Kelli's eyes widened crawled on the bed, and looking behind herself... a look of shock on her face.  A plump, panty covered bubble butt was where her former flat male ass used to be.  It began to tingle in her... her... what was it called again?  Her hole back there... that was her pussy?  She looked around the room, the room and Daddy seeming to be so much bigger than she was now...
"What.. what happened to me!  What's going on Daddy!" Kelli squeaked.
"Nothing that you didn't deserve, Sissy Princess..." the man laughed.
Kelli stood up and looked in the mirror.  She sashayed over to it, her hips swaying to and fro... walking like a sissy stripper... her bubble butt sticking out as she turned around.  Kelli felt her panties rubbing against her pussy... no, it's her pussy not her pussy... why can't she think the word?  She moaned softly as her panties bulged out, her clit becoming harder and harder, her body seemingly one big erogenous zone.
She looked down at her titties, her nipples hard and sticking out, feeling so sensitive as they rubbed on her corset.  Her clit cock popped out of her panties, swaying beneath her, looking huge on her tiny body.
"I'm not supposed to look like this, Daddy, I'm a man..."
"No, you never were a man at all.  You've always been a sissy, now you've been changed into your true form.  Now sit on the bed, and open wide..." he said, and she immediately obeyed.
Her Daddy walked up, stripping off his clothing, and presented her with his hard cock.  As if she had done it all her life, Kelli's hand guided the cock that she worshipped into her mouth, and started sucking.
"That's it, good girl."
Kelli couldn't stop sucking on the shaft, even as she tried to pull away, she'd just suck harder, her own clit hardening more.  Her pussy felt hot too, and empty.
"That's it, you're realizing what's happened now... you don't have a choice any more, do you Kelli?"
Kelli's eyes widened, unable to answer as her tongue twirled around his cockhead, then deep throating his shaft over and over.  She somehow managed to slip off her panties, allowing them to fall to the floor.
"Yes that's right... you love Daddy's cock, don't you little one?"
Free of her panties, her clit cock swelled even larger, precum forming on the tip.  Her nipples swelled out as well, tingling as much as her pussy was.
"Mmmm already an expert cock sucker... the programming worked like a charm, didn't it Kelli?  Even now I see how turned on you are with a cock in your mouth... you'll always be turned on, my dear Kelli, because your destiny lies not with living your old, boring life, but with being Daddy's little sissy cock sucker and fuck pet."
As Kelli heard those words, her clit stood up super hard, with cream dripping from the tip.  She sucked harder as Daddy's hand grabbed her head, and he started fucking her mouth, her clit cock bouncing.
"That's it... a horny little sissy eager for Daddy's dick, aren't you honey?  You'll always be this eager to please, Kelli.  Your DNA has been altered, you'll never be able to change back.."
Kelli whimpered around the shaft, her hunger for him growing with each suck of his dick.  Her clit throbbed and bounced as she suckled, oozing her cream from the tip.
"Uhhhh yeah, that's my pretty Princess... now for me to fill that hungry pussy of yours..." Daddy said, pulling her head back.  She looked up at him with fear and lust in her eyes... he laid back on the bed and guided her, pulling her onto his cock.
"Oh don't worry, you're body keeps your pussy lubricated... a cock can slide into you at any time..." Daddy said to her as his strong hands pull her onto him.
Kelli gasped and moaned as Daddy's cock sunk into her hungry pussy, her pussy twitching and milking the cock as it went deeply into her, her legs quivering.
"Now ride your Daddy, Princess... Ride Daddy's cock..."
Kelli's eyes closed in pleasure as she did just that, his cock  going deeply inside her.  Her balls tightened up as her clit cock bounced up and down as she rode him.
Kelli glanced over at the mirror across the room, seeing herself fucking Daddy... her clit twitched, hard, watching his glorious cock fill her up so wonderfully.
 "Mmmm good Princess, now kneel for Daddy on the bed and present your pussy to him..."
Kelli reluctantly stops fucking his cock, and she bends over, her bubble butt sticking out.  Kelli's mind reels in confusion as to why she can't stop this.  She feels her pussy leak her lubrication down her thighs... she so wet.
Daddy smiles as he looks down at his new sissy pet.  This one seems to have some fight in her... he see's it in her eyes.  But that doesn't bother him.  The training and drugs given her give her no choice in the matter, she won't be able to resist his commands.  Besides... he likes it when they're fighting it, it makes it that more delicious when they can't help but give in each time, taking his cock in every possible way.
He rubs his cock on her ass crack causing the little sissy to quiver, her clit throbbing.
Kelli moaned loudly as Daddy's cock sunk into her pussy for the first time.  Her body quivered and pulsed in pleasure as his heavy balls slapped against her tiny ones.  Kelli's mouth opened, gasping and sighing in pleasure as Daddy's cock pumped into her.
"Yeah, that's it.. give into it Sissy Princess... give into being Daddy's little cock slave..."
He holds her lower back down, causing her to gasp as her back arches more, her bubble butt bouncing with each thrust of his cock.
"You're going to cum, Sissy Princess, and you'll forever be stuck like this... you're sissy clit will squirt out your remaining male hormones, and you'll be stuck as Daddy's Sissy Princess, won't that.. be wonderful.. ughhh... damn, I'm gonna cum, my little sissy whore... Daddy's gonna cum and fill your pussy with his cum!
Kelli's body started shaking, her head rolled back as her eyes also rolled back into her skull, mouth hung open, as her clit throbbed harder and harder as Daddy's thick cock pumped her ass full of his cum.  He grunted and continued to pump into her.
"Uhhh yeah!!  UMMMM SUCH A TIGHT PUSSY!!! AARRRRRRRHHHHHH!" he screamed...
Kelli cried out, her clit still not orgasming... her hand bolted to her clit and she started stroking it, causing it to EXPLODE on to the sheets, as huge stream after huge stream of thick cream pulsed out of her clit onto the bed.
Kelli collapsed on the bed into the pool of her own cream, Daddy's cum leaking out of her pussy, and passed out.
Daddy grinned.  This will be a fun pet, he thought, patting her plump ass.
"You'll probably will always want to know why, Kelli.." he whispered.  "Thing is, I picked you at random.... heh heh heh..."
Kelli's body shook as some more cream drooled out of her clit, her mind filled with images of cocks...


Wednesday, May 23, 2018




Ok my pets, I see I have like totally tons of people reading my little stories every day, mostly around 2400 views, EACH DAY.  I almost hit 3000 views yesterday. 

How many followers do I have?  56?


There are so many blogs out there that celebrate their 1000 followers, 2000, 3000... I should have at least that many.... wouldn't you agree?

I love the thought of you all pumping your clitty's to my stories, and I will continue to write them as time permits and as the urge hits me, but I need appreciation...

I need recognition.

I love you all that comment regularly, I really do.  You make my day when I read your comments, good or bad.  It helps keep the creative juices flowing, and my own... giggles...

These stories help me with my fantasies as much as it does for you all.  So obviously I'm not going to stop... but followers shows me how much you care, not as much as comments, but I understand that a lot of you do this anonymously... you have family and friends that wouldn't understand your fantasy.  Good lord if my family knew... 

For those of you who wish to be anon, create a Yahoo or Gmail account, follow me, then never log into it again.  It's that simple.  Or log into it to keep all your blogs in one place, so you don't have to worry about keeping shortcuts in a place on your computer that could be found...

Anyways... as you can tell recently I'm into a shemale phase again, I hope you enjoy it.  I've always wanted to know what it was like to be one, though I'd like to be more hermaphrodite than anything, the best of both worlds I guess... as long as I never lost my luscious curves!

So please my pets, follow me... follow the one who helps you cum every day, who takes your clitty or cock, and strokes it for you, until you explode... the one who drinks it all down as it fills her mouth, kneeling before you at your job, at home, in your car...
Kisses and Love to all of you!  Thanks for listening!

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Little Extra

Johnnie knew Cindy Cummings (her stage name, her real name was Frank Simms) used a spell book to become a shemale and worked on Saturday nights at his club, A Little Extra, earning extra money.  Thing was... Johnnie liked having Cindy around.  When Frank was changed, he was almost the perfect woman for him, docile, easy to control, would practically do anything you asked of her... but she only stayed around a day, and would leave Sunday morning.
Johnnie finally found out why Cindy did that.  He got her to tell him, apparently the spell only lasted 24 hours... unless Cindy came from a cock fucking her ass.  That's why she always stopped him... she gave him hundreds of blowjobs, even let her fuck her ass just as many times, but she never let herself cum when he was inside her... now he knew... knew that she'd be stuck for a week as Cindy if he did...
After her dancing this night, Johnnie walked up to her in the dressing room and kissed her deeply, stroking her clitty cock to hardness... she responded in kind, her arousal kicking up, as they kissed.  It didn't help that her change always left her somewhat ditsy.  That and the shots he'd been sending her, she was about ready for anything.
Johnnie stroked her clitty cock, and moved behind her, sliding her panties to the side, and sliding his cock into her ass...
Cindy's eyes went wide, but Johnnie didn't give her a chance.  He quickly started pumping into her ass, her body quaking as he pounded into her, holding her hips steady as her ass bounced against him.
"I can't help it Cindy, I need you now so bad, I need to fill you with my cum..."
Sweating profusely as Johnnie fucked her ass, she felt his cock swelling quickly, and she felt a buildup to orgasm of her own clitty cock...
"NO JOHNNIE!! PLEASE!!  IF... I. I cum... I'll be... be stuck... OOohh please NNOoooooooo!"
"Stroke your sissy clit, Cindy, become mine!  Do IT CINDY!"
Cindy's mouth opened wide as her hand moved down to her clitty, she gripped it tightly, quickly stroking it... her body tensed up, gasping for air, until her clitty exploded over hand onto the floor... at the same time she felt Johnnie's cock swell inside her ass, pump deeply inside, and felt it throb, filling her ass with his cum.
Cindy's body tingled as she felt  her body shift, her mind swimming with new hormones... new thoughts... new feelings...
"That's my pet... you're mine now, Cindy... you're all mine... do you understand!"
Cindy's body continued pushing back on his cock, and Johnnie held her in place... and intended to never let her change back.
"Yes.. yes sir..." Cindy whimpered knowing she was trapped.
"Say, 'Yes Daddy'"
""Yes, Daddy..." Cindy moaned out as his cock slipped out of her ass, his cum drooling out of her down her legs.
He planned on fucking her like this every day... weeks would become months, then years... Frank Simms would be gone, but Cindy Cummings would be his fuck pet for the rest of her life.


James squealed as his clitty drooled on to the sheets, his collar tight on his neck and the chain jingling as the man fucked his wet hole.  The mans hands slapping his jiggling ass as the mans cock plunged deeply into his spasming hole, as James boi pussy was trying to milk the man's cock of it's seed.
James blushed as he felt the ears flopping on his head, the collar and chain also reminding him of what was happening.  He couldn't seem to stop himself from pushing back onto the thrusting cock as he was rocked with another orgasm, his clitty throbbing and drooling again.
James own clitty, always rock hard now since the spell, quivering and jumping between his legs, slowly drooling, showing his unwanted arousal.  His balls had shrunk down, now only the size of walnuts.
James cried out again as the mans cock swelled, his huge balls slapping James's tiny ones, and he buried his thick cock into the mewling sluts boi pussy.  James screamed, eyes rolling back, as the hot cum gushed into his boi pussy, thick streams filling him until it was running down his legs, his clitty drooling constantly, what once what white semen, now a clear, thick liquid.
James entire body tingled as the changes continued.  His body shrunk down, his hips widened, his ass slowly plumped up as did his thighs.  Muscles became womanly fat, and his breasts and nipples swelled out even more than before...
He didn't even know why...
Brent was an ancient being who had many names over the centuries... Brent being his most recent one.  He watched on the television the changes that James going though just as his own body tingled.  His once greying hair became dark again, and wrinkles disappeared.
He used to get the energy from transvestites and the like who wanted the change, but it would take 3 people who were willing, and only 1 who was not.  The collar, chain, and kitty ears were all tools to humiliate the subject even more, increasing the amount of energy Brent received.
Brent watched as the confused James stayed on all fours, gasping for breath, as the next man mounted him... well, may as well say her at this point.
Brent loved forcing men this way, it was so delicious, they're energy, the panic as they constantly lost their masculinity until all that was left was a simpering bimbo with only a faint recollection of who they once were.
Once James.. Jamie was finished, she was scheduled for transport to the whorehouse in Nevada.  That should help take care of her urges.  The man named James would cease to exist, disappearing like so many others over the years.
Brent looked at his watch, sure enough the man on the screen came inside Jamie, and her changes continued, shrinking and plumping up even more, the globes of her ass swelling quickly just as her clitty shrunk down to a little nub....
Shouldn't be long now.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Can't Stop Fate

You haven't been able to stop yourself.  For months now you've taken extreme amounts of hormones, had surgeries... You CAN'T stop yourself.  Your wife made sure of that.  Her plan was all along to make you her sissy slave, and you're just about done.
It started out with the clothing at first, you started wearing more and more lingerie, then started buying it on your own.  She caught you, of course, and humiliated you.  She knew exactly what that would do, as your cock hardened in the panties you had on under your jeans.
She made you wear lingerie every day after that, giving you her "special" shakes, which contained all the experimental hormones and hypnotic drugs a girl needs...
The potent hormones quickly transformed you, as you shrunk in height, your hips and ass flared out, and breasts developed... your nipples expanded out quickly, becoming embarrassing points of pleasure as they poked through your shirts and bras.  Your cock would swell uncomfortably, especially around men, and you finally had to quit your job due to "accidently" grabbing your boss's dick in the bathroom.
After that it was fairly easy to get you to keep going down the path to femininity... you were forced to watch videos on makeup, feminine mannerisms, and fashion.  You threw out your male clothing, it didn't fit any longer.
You were ordered to suck your first cock... and you obeyed without question.  More of the hypnotic drugs at work... and you were told you loved cock, and you loved to swallow and drink male semen.
And you did love it.
You loved every squirt...
You craved feeling a man's cock in your mouth so much...

You were addicted to it.  The taste, the texture of male seed filling your mouth. 
You have no idea how many men's cocks you've sucked in the last 3 months, you just know it seems as if that's the only sustenance you get now.  And every load tastes so good to you now...

You're wife made sure she drained as much of your cum from you as possible, allowing the hormones to work even faster.  Being forced to orgasm time after time...

It didn't take long for your ass pussy to feel empty, and the urge to fill it increased until you had no choice, you had to have something inside you.
The first time was the little plug that your wife gave you, so pretty and shiny, it felt so good when it slipped inside you... But it was too tiny.

You took one of the dildo's and lubed it up, and quickly went to the bathroom, and pumped your sissy ass until you screamed and shot a huge load onto the ground...
After that, you regularly fucked your own ass and made yourself cum.

Crying out in pleasure, you fucked yourself so much your ass started to always feel empty without a dildo inside you, something to fill the void.  A craving to have your ass filled with cock..
But soon it too was not enough...

You scream in shame and bliss as the man's huge cock fills your needy pussy, his heavy balls slapping against your tiny, empty ones.  His strong arm grabbing your arm and holding you as he takes you like a bitch whore... and makes you cum all over the sheets multiple times, your cream splashing on your legs as your limp sissy clit bounces around, your cries of shame and pleasure filling the room.
Even now as the man's cock fills your horny anal pussy, you can't wait to actually get bigger implants, making your tits EEE cup... enlarging your nipples to match... You want them to lactate, you need to be milked every day, your huge tits filling up every few hours, being hooked up to the milking machine as you produce gallon after gallon of milk.  While you're milked, your clitty cock will be milked as well, the cum flowing into a tube that goes straight to a dildo filling your mouth, forcing you to swallow your own hormone laden cum.  
The ass implants will be added too, giving your ass that extra padding that all the men love. 
You know inside you shouldn't want this, but you do, and you'll do anything, and have DONE anything for them.
As the man grunts, and fills your greedy ass pussy with load after hot load of cum... even as your ass milks him dry, and gets ready for the next cock, you tremble at the fate that you cannot stop.
You're fate at being a Sissy Slut Fucktoy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So sorry all, had to take a break due to a death in the family... 2nd time in 8 months, first Momma now my Momma in law.... hard to deal with... I'll try to get something going soon.
Love you my girls...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sissy Girl Part One

Steve had found a book of spells that allowed him to change into a woman at a local shop, Spell's or something like that, sharing the find with his wife, Brenda.  Both were fascinated with the transformations.  In reading the book, they discovered only a couple of rules:
If those transformed into females had vaginal sex they would be stuck for an extra day each time a man came inside them.
If someone else used the spell book while a person was transformed, the other user would be stuck in their form for a month.
Oddly, there were no rules concerning a female transforming into a male except for the 2nd rule.
Brenda and Steve, Stevie in her female form, had some good times going out shopping, even started going out to night clubs.  They both enjoyed it immensely...
Though Brenda noticed that as the weeks went on, Stevie in her female form seemed to know how to do things, like put on makeup, style her hair, walk like a girl, not like before when she lumbered around like a guy in the beginning.  She was walking with almost a stripper strut...

Brenda noticed that for some reason Stevie became shorter in height, not sure what would cause it...
Brenda took the spell book and read through it in more detail, finding that even through the spell is universal for everyone, it changes as the users desires change... so Stevie wanted to be shorter?  Brenda decided not to ask about it, but wondered what else was going on?

2 Months Later
Brenda and Stevie were at a night club on a Friday night, when Brenda looked around... Stevie was nowhere to be found.  Looking in the ladies room, still nothing.  Becoming concerned, Brenda called Stevie's cell phone... and heard it ringing, coming from the men's room. 
"Had she already changed back?  But then why didn't she call me to bring a change of clothing?" Brenda thought.
Brenda quietly walked into the bathroom, and gasped...
There was her husband.  On her knees.  Her tongue twirling around a strangers cock head...
Brenda watched as Stevie pulled down her top, showing off her tits to the man, and then engulfing the hard cock in her mouth.  She sucked furiously for several minutes.

Brenda stood transfixed, not saying anything as Stevie expertly sucked the cock, her other hand at her crotch playing with herself...
Brenda watched as the man shook, then exploded into Stevie's mouth, and she swallowed every drop that she caught in her mouth, the rest drooling out onto her breasts!  Moaning as she did so!  Transfixed, Brenda saw Stevie's hand furiously rub her pussy through her panties, a huge wet spot now on them.

Brenda quietly closed the door... her own pussy inflamed with need.  She made her way back to the ladies room.  Brenda found an empty stall, and played with her own pussy, cumming hard as the images of her feminized husband ran through her mind, sucking the huge cock and it cumming so much cum... and Stevie swallowed it all!
And she LOVED IT!
Brenda moaned loudly as she was rocked by her orgasm, her juices covering her hand.
Catching her breath... Brenda smiled.  Stevie wasn't just becoming a woman.  She was becoming a slut without even realizing she was willingly doing it to herself!
Brenda's pussy pulsed again at the thought of it all.  Her fingers started to again run through her pussy.
"I'm going to push her into it..." Brenda thought to herself... "I'm going to push her into becoming a slut... a slave to me and SHE will do what I tell.. her... to do!  UUGGHHHHHHHH!" 
Brenda's body quaked as she came twice more, each orgasm stronger than the last...
"Did you have a good time?  You disappeared for a bit, I thought you got kidnapped..." Brenda said as they drove home.
"Oh yea had a great time!  I was just... in the bathroom... I'm guessing dinner didn't agree with me." stammered Stevie, blushing.
Brenda smiled.  "Oh ok, I guess you need to be careful what you swallow..."
Stevie nodded, and then glanced over at Brenda.  Seeing no other reaction, she chalked it up to being nervous.  After all, it was only the third guy she'd ever blown.  She had control over these urges.  She'd masturbate herself to sleep tonight, then everything would be normal in the morning.
"Perfect!  Subliminal suggestions using audio recordings..." thought Brenda.  "Add this little drug to her food, makes her.. him very susceptible too..."
Brenda, having made Stevie sleep in another room when all of the changes started, read through a couple of sample recordings.
"I am a girl that loves to dress sexy."
"I am a horny little slut."
"I love sucking men's cocks."
"I love feeling cocks fuck me in the ass."
"I will obey Master."
"I love the feeling of cum on my skin."
"I love the taste of cum."
"I am a stupid, slutty, blonde bimbo."
"Hmm, make Master into Mistress, and add one saying that I am Mistress, a few other additions, should do it..." Brenda thought to herself, smiling.  She'd work on the recordings this week, and start playing them after he takes a few doses of the drugs.
Brenda heard Stevie moan in the other room.  She couldn't help but get turned on herself, knowing what was going to happen to Steve.
The following week, Brenda had made the recordings, and had started slipping Steve the drugs.  They were working, as she had tested them, suggesting to him during the night that he make it a habit to check out his finger nails. 
She had even suggested that as Steve, he get a mold of his hard dick so that he could use it on Brenda if they had sex with him as Stevie.  Of course Brenda never intended on letting that happen, but she had ideas as to how to use the mold...
Steve did it as soon as he could the next day.
While Steve was at work, Brenda set up a few things.  A set of earplugs on her side of the bed.  A wire hooking up a portable speaker to the old MP3 player she had gotten.  Speaker on his side of the bed, under his end table.  All the recordings were made in her voice.
"Brenda is my Mistress."
"I will obey my Mistress Brenda without question."
"I love Mistress above all others."
"I am not a man, I am a sissy girl with a hot, horny pussy, super sensitive titties, and a hot ass."
"I am a sissy girl that loves to dress in sexy, girly clothes."
"Showing off my girly body turns me on."
"I am a horny little sissy slut."
"I love feeling cocks fuck me in the ass."
"I love sucking men's cocks."
"I love having my pussy fucked hard, then having men cum inside me, filling me with their jizz."
"I crave cum."
"I crave the attention of men."
"I love being taken like a whore."
"I love the feeling of cum on my skin."
"I love the taste of cum."
"I am attracted only to men and Mistress."
"I am a stupid, slutty, sissy bimbo who loves men."
"I feel ashamed and humiliated when I am with men, which turns me on even more, and makes me want to be with them even more."
She set the audio to repeat through the night, and set it up so that all she had to do is hit the button.  It was quiet enough to not be heard over normal background noise.
Brenda couldn't wait!
Over the next two months, Stevie came out and played now and then.  He'd get so horny sometimes!  Thankfully Brenda wasn't home a few times and he was able to get a dick now and then as Stevie, sucking off the delivery guy...
"I love the feeling of cum on my skin."
... .and the mail man...
"I love sucking men's cocks."
"I love the taste of cum."
He even went to a hotel bar one day in the afternoon before Brenda got off of work.  That was the first time he sucked that many cocks...
"I love sucking men's cocks."

But it wasn't the last...
"I love sucking men's cocks."

Steve as Stevie loved sucking cocks...
"I love the taste of cum."

 He felt weird too, wondering if being Stevie had somehow fucked him up.  His thoughts were a little off, and he'd catch himself staring at guys as they walked by. 
Steve didn't notice that when he was in the bathroom, he'd check himself out.  His walk was more of a strut now.
As the weekend got closer, his thoughts were a bit vague... and he had thought about those 3 blowjobs all day!  He thought of Mis.. Brenda, and that got him horny but the dicks, that seemed to get him horny too... he wondered if he was bi now... her jerked off in the bathroom twice already...
Well, he couldn't wait to change tomorrow!  Just thinking about it, his cock hardened.  Quickly he walked back to the bathroom...
They both were excited about going out to the club this weekend, since it had been 2 weeks since the last time.  Brenda kept an eye on Stevie through the day, and noticed that she'd excuse herself a little more often, going into her room.  Brenda couldn't help but giggle as she watched Stevie's new walk, strutting like a hooker.  Even her mannerisms were extremely girly, twirling her hair, checking in the mirror.  It was amazing what the subliminal messages were doing.
Brenda picked up her phone, smiling to herself, as she logged into the new security camera system she had installed in the house.  Camera's were in every room, strategically placed, allowing her full viewing access to the entire house.  On the screen, there was Stevie, softly moaning as she masturbated.   Brenda spread her own legs, and started playing with her pussy through her panties as she watched Stevie...
"A costume party?" Stevie said.  "I don't have anything to wear, that's just too short of a notice Brenda, come on..."
"No darling, I have the perfect outfit for you!  I've still got my sisters wedding dress she never wore.  I think it should fit you almost perfectly, you can go as a bride, I'll dress up in the costume I wore last year to work for Halloween.  Come on, it will be fun!"
"Brenda is my Mistress."
"I will obey my Mistress Brenda without question."
Stevie pondered it for just a moment.  Brenda told her to come on, and was wanting to go, so we should.
"Ok, I'll wear it... not like I'll ever wear it again right?" Stevie laughs.
Brenda smiles.
Brenda turned to the sound of heels walking her way.  "Oh wow you're looking so awesome Stevie!"

"I love Mistress above all others."


"Thank... thank you, Brenda." Stevie says, blushing.  "Well, it does fit pretty well!  I'm kinda surprised how good I look... giggle"
Brenda smiled to herself... more programming coming through... Stevie had taken to high heels very quickly.  Her ass swayed a lot more now...
Stevie smiles, hears that small voice in her head...
"Showing off my girly body turns me on."
"And Brenda, you look fantastic too, let's head to the club, I can't wait to get my dance on!"
"I love Mistress above all others."
They had been there for about an hour, had several drinks and eaten, when they were both asked to dance.  After about 40 minutes, Brenda watched Stevie walk off the dance floor with the guy she had been dancing with.
"I'm sorry, please excuse me... I've got to go to the little girls room.." she told her dance partner.
He nodded and smiled as she walked off.
Brenda followed Stevie at a distance, not wanting to be caught.  Stevie and her guy both came to a bathroom and went in.  Moving quietly, Brenda followed, going in a separate door, the noise of the club hiding the sound of her footsteps.
Brenda takes out her phone, and started recording...
"I don't know about this, Jack... I.. my girlfriend is outside and..." Stevie said.
"I feel ashamed and humiliated when I am with men, which turns me on even more, and makes me want to be with them even more."
Stevie bites her lower lip and glances down at his crotch.
"I am a stupid, slutty, sissy bimbo who loves men."
"Look babe, we won't go any further than you want to go... you just got me so fucking hot for you..." Jack says, coming up behind her, caressing her body.
"I am attracted only to men and Mistress." 
Stevie feels her body heating up... her nipples harden, her pussy pulses.
"Why am I so turned on...I'm feeling so funny..." thinks Stevie, the subliminal messages chipping away at the former males intellect, and causing her hormones to go crazy. 
"Jack, I.. oh that feels... feels so good..." Stevie moans, as Jack's hands roam over her body.
"I crave the attention of men."
"MMmm yeah you do feel good, baby..." Jack smiles as his hands caress her chest, then go lower down her body.
Kissing her shoulder, Jack pulls her dress up, his hands caressing her ass, causing her to moan, and grind back into him.
"He's making me so fucking hot... it feels so good... I don't want to do this but... I need... need more..." Stevie thinks to herself.
"Jack, your cock... it's so hard.. let me.. let me suck on you..." Stevie whimpers.
"I want it so bad... why... why do I need this.. it wasn't like this before..." she thinks, as she turns around, kneeling before Jack.  Her hands shaking, unbuckle and unzip his pants, fishing out his growing cock.
 "MMpphhhhhh" Stevie groans in pleasure as his cock touches her lips...
A voice echos in her mind...
"I love sucking men's cocks."
"Oh my God.. this.. this tastes so fucking GOOD!" Stevie thinks, her body heating up.
 "That's it.. damn girl... you're gonna suck it right outta me..."
Stevie just looks up obediently, moaning softly as she feels her pussy flutter, then spasm, then clench as she has an orgasm.  Her body quakes with pleasure as she sucks, soaking her panties.  Waves of shame and humiliation wash over her, increasing her pleasure.

 "I'm a man I shouldn't love this so.. so much.. love cock so much..." 

"I am not a man, I am a sissy girl with a hot, horny pussy, super sensitive titties, and a hot ass."

Standing up, Stevie takes off her panties, and continues to stroke Jacks cock...
"I love being taken like a whore."

"Fuck me Jack.. I need it bad... fuck my ass, treat me like a whore..."
"Gladly..." Jack says, then spins Stevie around, hiking up her skirt.  He rubs his cock along her sopping slit causing Stevie to moan and gyrate, getting the lubrication he needs.  He grabs her ass, lines his cock up to her asshole, and slowly pushes into her.
Stevie gasps, eyes wide, as she feels the cock sink slowly into her ass.  Her heart flutters with shame and excitement... "This.. this isn't right... I'm a man..."
"I am not a man, I am a sissy girl with a hot, horny pussy, super sensitive titties, and a hot ass."
"Oh it feels.. cock feels so good in my hot ass..."
Stevie whimpered as it sank deep into her... but she felt no pain... pure pleasure radiated from her ass, as Jacks balls finally rested on her pussy... she had taken him all the way in!
"Hold.. hold on... let me... let me get used... used to it..." Stevie stammered, breathing deeply.
"I love feeling cocks fuck me in the ass."  
She moaned loudly at the thought, her ass clamping down on his shaft, her body trembling in pleasure.
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"You are definitely ready aren't you, SLUT!"
Stevie gasped as his thick shaft started pumping into her, her ass bouncing, jiggling with each thrust.
"I love being taken like a whore."

Stevie gasps for breath as her pussy spasms, his shaft  pumping away in her ass.  She looks in the mirror, at herself... being taken... used... like a whore.
"Oh GOD feels so good! Fuck... fuck me!" Stevie moans as she pushes back onto the thrusting cock filling her.
"I am a stupid, slutty, sissy bimbo who loves men."
"Feels... so... hot... need... cock... fill... me... ass.. fuck... my.. ass!"
"I am a horny little sissy slut."
Stevie feels her pussy spasm violently as Jack's cock pumps deeply inside her, speeding up, causing her to almost scream out loud.  Her ass bounces as he thrusts faster and faster, her breasts shuddering under her top. 
Jack pulls off her dress, and throws it to the side.  He pulls Stevie down, and she straddles him.  His cock slides easily into her ass, causing Stevie to squeal in pleasure.
"I love feeling cocks fuck me in the ass."
"OH GOD I LOVE COCK!  I shouldn't but I do!!" a confused Stevie thinks to herself... his cock pistoning in and out of her ass, her pussy literally drooling onto the man below her as it quivers.
"Damn woman... your ass... is milking my dick..." Jack moans as Stevie's body shudders in orgasm, gasping and moaning in pleasure.
"Get on your knees, I got to see that sexy ass."
"MMmm yes MMmm..." Stevie moans, then whimpers as Jack's cock pulls out.  She quickly gets on all fours, presenting her ass to him.
 Stevie mewls softly as she feels the tip right at her ass, his strong hands gripping her waist, her body quivers in anticipation
"I crave the attention of men."
 Jack smiles, looking at her perfect ass, and pushes into her, holding her tightly.  Stevie moans as he goes deeply into her, until his balls lay on her wet cunt.
"I love the way your ass feels, Stevie, I hope next time you're on the pill, I'd love to fuck that pussy of yours..." Jack says, then starts to slowly fuck Stevie.
"Just think about it, next time I meet up with you, I'll fuck that pussy and fill you with my cum... "
"I love having my pussy fucked hard, then having men cum inside me, filling me with their jizz."

Stevie's eyes widen, then shut hard as her body quakes in a mind blowing orgasm at the thought... her ass grips his cock not wanting it to go, then it pushes back into her...
Stevie's pussy spasms and drools its cream down her thighs as her orgasms come one after the other... the thought of a cock filling her pussy driving her into orgasm after orgasm.
"I crave cum." 
 "Shit Stevie... you're going to... make me... cum!"
Stevie moans and quickly turns around, grabbing his cock in her hands and furiously jerks him off.  Jack grunts loudly as her lips wrap around the head of his cock.  She feels his cock pulse in her hand, and sucks, using the tip of her tongue to tease the slit.
"I love sucking men's cocks."
"I love the taste of cum."
  "I love the feeling of cum on my skin."
Jack's cock explodes in Stevie's mouth as he groans loudly.  Stevie quickly swallows the first load, then the second, but Jack pulls out of her mouth, and jerks his cock over her face, covering her mouth with the rest.
Stevie's body again shudders as her pussy spasms uncontrollably, her juices flowing onto the floor.
She quickly cleans his cock of his cum, licking his balls as well as she does so.
She looks up at him, her mouth, chin, and neck, the cum dripping down her face onto her chest. 
"I love the feeling of cum on my skin."
"I better get going, hun... I'll see you around." Jack says as he gets dressed, smiling at her, helping her up.  "I'd kiss you but, well, next time I'll be sure to cum inside you... here's my card.  Call me up!" Jack says, and walks out the door.
Stevie stands there for a moment, her body still tingling from her cumming so much.  Looking in the mirror, she sees how much cum is on her face.

"No wonder he didn't want to kiss me." she thinks, and uses her hand to wipe the cum into her mouth, then licking her fingers clean.
Stevie starts washing up, not hearing a door close...
Brenda had watched as Stevie was having sex with a guy she just met, and was amazed at how slutty she had become.  Brenda wondered how much of a whore she would be.
Brenda looked down at her phone and uploaded the video to the cloud for editing later.  She planned on selling these at a later date.  Tonight is the night...
Just as the upload completed, Stevie walked up to her.  "This is a fun party, I'm glad I listened to you and came..."
"Come on, let's go Stevie..." Brenda said, taking Stevie's arm and walking outside to the car.
"But, I thought we were having fun..."
Brenda smiled knowingly.  "I bet you're having fun, and I bet you came a lot, didn't you Stevie, you little slut?" she whispered.  "I can smell the sex on you... I smell your wet pussy.  Apparently you didn't clean up well enough.  It didn't take you long to take that cock in your ass, you must be stretching it out on your own... I wondered why my dildo has been so clean, you're using it on yourself and cleaning it."
Stevie turned white as a ghost... "What.. how.... I can explain please..."
"My big strong husband, now a perverted little cock loving SISSY." Brenda smirked down on the blushing girl.  "Don't think I hadn't noticed you getting shorter... spending more and more time in this form.  Not touching your WIFE... you'd rather have a cock inside you than be inside your loving wife!  You LOVE being this way apparently more than you LOVE ME!"
"NO Brenda! That's not true!"
Brenda smiled wickedly, looking her up and down.  "Oh, and where did your stockings go?  Did they get ruined on the bathroom floor as you were fucked like a bitch in heat?  Did all that hot cum taste good, HUSBAND?  You swallowed most of it, so it must be tasty... I saw the dreamy look on your face as you swallowed..."
"Brenda no, it must be the spell doing this... I couldn't stop myself today.... we can stop this, I can stop this, it's just addicting...  I've never done anything else this was the first time I promise..." stammered Stevie.
"Stupid SISSY slut, NEVER lie to me... I have it all on video.  This wasn't your first dick.  From your first cock sucking experience to this one, I have it all.  I suspected you were stepping out on me, I just didn't think is was in this body, and that you were a SISSY slut for men.  My HUSBAND a COCK LOVING SISSY!" Brenda said.  "Well, from now on, I'm in charge.  You understand me?  I AM!" Brenda hissed. 
"Brenda is my Mistress." 
"You're going to do EVERYTHING I tell you too from now on, do you understand me, Sissy?  IF you don't do as I say, I'm never going to let you near the book ever again, and I'll kick you out.  No ID, no birth certificate, you'll end up on the streets fast."
"I will obey my Mistress Brenda without question."
"BUT if you do as I say, you'll have a home.  Plus, I'm going to make sure you get your FILL, all the dicks you can handle!  Think about all the COCKS that your lips are going to wrap around, and swallow all that cum..."
Stevie felt tears flow from her eyes... and something else... a tingling inside, her nipples hardened even as her pussy spasmed... she couldn't help but lick her lips....
"I love Mistress above all others."
Brenda pushed Stevie to their car, and made Stevie sit in the passenger side.  Getting in the car, Brenda looks over at Stevie and smiles.
"Your first ORDER, my SISSY GIRL, is to play with that wet pussy until we get home.  DO NOT CUM.  If you do you will be punished!  Do you UNDERSTAND!"
The look of fear and lust on her face was exquisite.. "Y..yes Brend..."
"Never call me that again.  Brenda is reserved for my HUSBAND or friends, which YOU are no longer.  You will call me Mistress or Mistress Brenda from now on.  Is that clear?"
"I will obey my Mistress Brenda without question."
"Yes, Mistress..." Stevie whimpered, even as she spread her legs wide, pulling her panties to the side and proceeded to play with her sopping wet pussy.
Brenda smiled listening to Stevie whimper and moan beside her, her own pussy growing wet...
To Be Continued...